FASHION | #COCO MADE ME Top from Quiz Clothing

COCO MADE ME top Quiz Clothing
COCO MADE ME top Quiz Clothing
Next heels
Next heels

Who can resist a slogan tee let alone one that has 'COCO' printed along the front? I'm a sucker for anything like this. Show me anything with a random word on it (FASHION, PARIS, BONJOUR to name a VERY select few) or an Eiffel tower with some French quote (that I can't pronounce), and I have to have it! This 'COCO MADE ME' tee was a bargain in the Quiz sale, it was £12.99 reduced to £6.99. Bargainnnn!

You can hardly see in the photos but I also have a body chain on from River Island. After 10 minutes of battling with it and trying to untangle it I finally got it on and I think it makes a nice change to my normal sparkly statement necklaces. I have three of these and I will definitely wear them a lot this summer! All three were £2 each in the sale. Just call me a bargain hunter...

And these shoes are among the best I ever bought. They are out of Next and they are so spongy so I can wear them for hours... they are a great colour so they go with everything too. It's a shame that I look like Bambi with high platforms on or i'd wear them more often! Anyone wanna link arms with me? 

Shopping List:
Tee: Quiz
Body Chain: River Island
Heels: Next
Jeans - Primark
Midi Rings - New Look
Watch - D&G
Nail Varnish (hands) - 'Red Lights Ahead...Where?' by OPI
Nail Varnish (toes) - 'Eurso Euro' by OPI

Just a little P.S! Quiz is offering an extra 20% off their sale using the promotion code '20MORE' Get the look for less!

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BEAUTY | bareMinerals Prime Time - Review

Prep your skin with bareMinerals Prime Time

bareMinerals Prime Time review

It's that one product that I had never thought about using until recently, a primer. I'm not  entirely sure why I never did, I just didn't think it was important. I read in a magazine the other week and it said that using a good primer is one of, if not the most important step in your makeup routine!

As I haven't used a primer for very long I haven't got a tonne of reviews on a number of different brands to tell you. I was so happy with the first one I tried I knew I didn't want to look for any alternatives. It's the barMinerals PRIMETIME primer!

I have been told that putting on makeup without putting on a primer first is like painting a wall without preparing it first. You need a 'smooth' surface so that the makeup looks the best it can be! PRIMETIME is silky in texture and it is absorbed by the skin straight away. It is also translucent which is very important in a primer as I tried another one once which was white and it actually made white streaks all over my face. Not attractive. 

I would also have oily skin, especially on my T-zone so it is very difficult for me to find makeup that lasts all day. Before, I always needed to take my makeup with me in my bag along with my face brush to top it up throughout the day. Ever since I began using PRIMETIME my makeup lasts all day and it keeps shine at bay. I also use bareMinerals foundation and Mineral veil (which is a finishing powder) so this may be why PRIMETIME works so well for me, because I use all of their products together and they are made to be used together. 

bareMinerals Prime Time review

The only thing that I would have a problem with is the price. The normal Prime Time primer is £21 which is rather pricey as the bottle isn't that big. (30ml) In saying that you only need one pump per application so my guess is it will last me a good few months and when you divide it up it doesn't seem much at all. 

To make my money go further I would purchase a two pack from QVC. I can get my READY  bareMinerals foundation and the Prime Time primer for £27.48. This is such good value as it feels like I'm getting the foundation for next to nothing!

Not only that, QVC offer their customers a 30 day money back guarantee so if you buy anything off their website and you take it home and discover you don't like it, you can get a full refund. This even counts if you have opened the product AND have used it! Is is any wonder QVC is my favourite shopping channel!

bareMinerals Prime Time review

Prime Time Primer 

QVC Beauty Awards 2013 - Best Makeup Must-Have

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FASHION | Coral River Island Satchel, Ruby Shoo 'Miley' & New Look Crop Top!

Coral Details...

River Island Satchel, New Look Crop Top
New Look Crop Top, River Island Body Chain
River Island Satchel, New Look Crop Top
River Island Satchel, Ruby Shoo Miley

Are your jeans ever so tight that you are literally bursting out of them at the calves? Hmm .. awkward, just pretend you don't notice! This look/OOTD is all about my favourite pair of heels and coral satchel!

The heels are from Ruby Shoo, if you haven't heard of them or have never been on their website then I highly recommend that you pay it a visit! Their A/W14 collection is supposed to be AMAZEEE so I am looking forward to seeing it. It should be in our shoe shop within the next few weeks and it would be a fashion crime to not invest in another pair, right? These particular ones that I am wearing are from their S/S14 collection, the photo doesn't actually do them justice, in real life they are so bright they look almost fluorescent. Glowing feet.

 The coral satchel was an impulse buy one time I was in River Island. They had it in a variety of colours like tan and powder blue but I just feel in love with this shade. It has nothing to do with the fact that I wear something coral everytime I go out in summer (yea...)

My stripy crop top is current season from New Look. I wouldn't be comfortable wearing it with a normal pair of jeans but I have taken a real like to crop tops and super high waisted jeans this spring/summer. I think it also helps that I have lost a bit of weight since starting the gym, it has made me feel good and I feel MUCH better and much more confident in my clothes! I enjoy being able to wear things that I was unable to wear before. 

Have you seen my last OOTD with Next & New Look?

Shopping list:
Top: New Look 
A similar Body Chain from River Island
Jeans: M&S
Ruby Shoo 'Miley'
Satchel: River Island - I also adore this & you can find the tan version of mine here
Watch: Michael Kors
Nail Varnish: 'Red Lights Ahead...Where?' by OPI

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FASHION | 25% off Alternative GALIBARDY Jewellery!

Hello everyone! I was contacted by the lovely Lisa & Blue at Galibardy and I just had to have a peek at their website! If you love statement necklaces and unique jewellery pieces then you would love what they have to offer. 

Galibardy is an alternative London-based jewellery brand that sells everything from fine little Disney pendants to handcrafted Medieval style multi-chain necklaces. 
Personally I know i'll be stalking their website from now 'till the end of time and my Galibardy wishlist will be forever growing! (oops) But for now here is a little selection of the items I'm lusting over in their 'Boutique' section...

25% off Alternative GALIBARDY Jewellery
A stunning collar style necklace with multi layered crystals and chains set on a gun-metal grey curb chain.

Curb chain Andromeda Star crystal statement necklace with clear crystals, grey-tone cone studs and black faceted stones.

25% off Alternative GALIBARDY Jewellery
Romantic sparkling crystals with amber tones, set onto a gold curb link chain with ribbed twined cord

Of course me being me and i'd wear the heaviest of heavy statement necklaces, these three beauties are my favourite pieces on the whole website! However, I know people have different tastes so here's a little snippet of everything else Galibardy...

25% off Alternative GALIBARDY Jewellery

1. Crystal Disk Necklace (£28 RRP - £21 at 25%)
2. Bicycle Charm Pendant (£10 RRP - £7.50 at 25%)
3. Gold Geometric Cuff (£16 RRP - £12 at 25%)
4. Crystal Cubic Drop Earrings  (£42 RRP - £31.50 at 25%)
5. Electric Comet Necklace (£16 RRP - £12 at 25%)

Ohh the excitement! Galibardy is offering The Fashion Six readers 25% off ANY product on their website with the promotional discount code 'thefashionsixblog' Just make sure you pick your jewellery items before 25th August to receive your discount!

Much Love,

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BEAUTY | Primark £1 False Nails! #2

Beautiful vintage manicure for only £1

Primark £1 manicure false nails

Primark £1 manicure - false nails

Primark £1 manicure - false nails

For the second week of my 'Mani Mondays' it's yet another Primark feature! This time it's vintage floral false nails. It takes 2 minutes to pop them on and you wouldn't believe the sheer amount of compliments I get on them. People can't believe they are from Primark. 
Head down to your local store and pick up some packets of these for £1 each. For that price you can't go too far wrong. Just ensure you buff your nails with a quality nail buffer and use an alternative glue. Your beautiful manicure will last for a week, at least! Who needs salon trips?

Have you seen last week's Primark manicure?

The Edge nail glue is great for keeping those falsies in place so by the 3rd day you don't have 8 off and two hanging on my a thread ;)

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FASHION | Designer Dupes Featuring Valentino, Ray Ban & Chanel!

Get the designer look for less with these dupes!

We all like that little bit of luxury but the truth is, most of our budgets don't stretch far enough to buy certain things with 3 figure+ price tags! However, lately I have seen quite a few Designer copycats on the highstreet (and online) I will show you my favourite finds here but you better be quick as I'd say they will sell out fast! Keep your eyes peeled on the highstreet for finds such as these. You don't need to blow your budget to wear the latest designer trends.

Valentino Rockstud

Designer Dupes- Valentino, Ray Ban & Chanel

Now I don't about you but if you couldn't see the 'Valentino' label printed on the top shoe then I would no idea which one was the real deal. The dupe is a lot less expensive!

Valentino Rockstud - £600 (approx)
Valentino Rockstud dupe - £35 from Savida at Dunnes (unfortunatley these are now sold out but keep an eye out for similar dupes, I saw another similar one in Primark)

Ray-Ban RB3025 62 Original Aviator 

Designer Dupes- Valentino, Ray Ban & Chanel
These sunglasses just scream summer, I just LOVE the blue lenses. Get the classic Ray-Ban aviator style sunglasses from Next for only £12.50! I purchased a pair of designer sunglasses once and to be honest they were a waste of money. I was on holidays and they just fell apart in my hand! I love the whole Ray-Ban range but i've been totally been put off and from now on I will be happy enough buying dupes from the high-street.

Ray-Ban Original -
Ray-Ban dupe - £12.50 from Next

Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Designer Dupes- Valentino, Ray Ban & Chanel

Designer Dupes- Valentino, Ray Ban & Chanel

There has been Chanel quilted bag dupes on the highstreet for years, I actually think one of the first handbags I ever got was nearly identical to this one from River Island only it was patent. I used it 'till it was falling apart! I also like the other two from ASOS. They have plenty to choose from if you are looking for something this particular style.

The Chanel Original -

The Chanel inspired dupes...
1. ASOS Quilted Lock Cross Body Bag - £16
2. River Island (c/o ASOS) Black Quilted Shoulder Bag - £28
3. ASOS Liqourish Quilted Bag With Long Strap - £26 (sale!)

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BEAUTY | Primark False Nails

The £1 Manicure!

Hey everyone! This is just a short update today as I am in a rush to get ready for work (yippee) I just had to show you this cute mani! Have any of you ever tried Primark's false nails? For only £1 I stock up by buying 5 packs at a time! They come in so many different colours and designs and each time I go into my local primark store there are new ones which I just have to try. To be honest with you I was wary about these at first as I have purchased cheap false nails before and when I put them on they just snapped right off, they were so bendy! For a while then I started buying Elegant Touch false nails. I love this brand and their nails and really good quality but I use a set a week and they were costing more than if I had of got them done professionally at a beauty salon. To my surprise, Primark's false nails are extremely hard wearing, they don't chip and they stay on for about a week. In saying that, I don't use the glue that comes in the pack. I use 'The Edge' professional nail glue which I use to put on all my false nails no matter what brand I buy. I will link this glue at the end of the post. It's great and I highly recommend it if you want your falsies to last! 

Here they are! how cute are these? I had people ask me who done my nailart. of course I played along and said I done it myself... jokes. 

Primark False Nails - £1 manicure

Click this link to get your hands on the best professional nail glue: The Edge nail glue

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LIFE | Summer Tricks - Mosquitoes, Sunburn & Stings!

Mosquito repellant, Sunburn remedies & help heal nettle stings

Mosquito repellant, sunburn remedies & help heal nettle stings

It's that time of year again and we are all thinking about our summer holidays! I have been going to Nice, France for 4 years on the trot so I decided to try somewhere different this year. It's so easy to get stuck in a rut and go to the same place just because it feels 'safe' and 'comfortable'. In August I am going to Lake Garda in Italy! It cannot come quick enough and I have been going mad reading up online for things to do while I'm there. There was one thing that didn't cross my mind though, round the lake is supposed to be crawling with mosquitoes! I just took for granted that there wouldn't be any as I never one got bitten in Nice. This got me thinking and I have decided that I need to be more prepared for when I go away, especially to a foreign country. I have searched the net and here's 3 tips to make sure you have the best holiday with no dramas!

1. Avoid getting ate alive by pesky mosquitoes!

I am heading away the very last week in August and last week I started taking vitamin B1 tablets to help repel mosquitoes. Once the vitamin gets built up in your system, your skin gives off a 'smell' that keeps mosquitoes at bay. I have done a bit of research online and of course like everything else, it works for some people and not for others. I am a mosquito's best friend on holidays so I am willing to try anything! Vitamin B1 was recommended to me by a pharmacist so if you are heading away in the next month or two this is worth looking into!

Citronella repels mosquitoes so if you are sitting out on the balcony at night burn a citron candle, turn off the lights in your room and make sure you close over the balcony door so the mosquitoes don't find their way into your room.

Of course there are the many types of roll on and sprays to prevent mosquito bites. As I said before, not everything works for everyone so it is recommended that you take with you a mix of products for all members of the family. Wait until Boots has an offer on and stock up. They will usually have vouchers or 3 for 2 offers on repellant at this time of the year!

2. Cool your sunburn

We should all be using a suncream that's suitable for our skin type but if you do get sunburnt on holidays then you should apply an aloe vera gel. You will feel a cooling sensation on your skin and it should reduce redness (and stinginess) within a few uses! I have accepted the fact that I have pale skin and I no longer sit in the sun without any suncream. It's a waste of time as I don't tan anyway! I have to use factor 30 but I don't mind, I just use the stuff out of the bottle!

If you have went away without your aloe vera gel and you happen to get badly sunburnt then get your butt down to the Eurospar and buy cucumber. Grate it and apply it to the sunburnt area. It will cool it and aid healing. You could also soak cold milk on a flannel and lay it onto your skin. Although i'm not entirely sure about this one, You won't smell very nice afterwards!

3. Take the sting out of nettles

We all know this, a dock leaf is one of the best remedies for a nettle sting. The good thing is that these leaves are usually found near nettles so you can rub it on straight away! When you get back to the hotel room put aloe vera gel on the sore area.

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