Jaguar Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Jaguar Halloween makeup tutorial

This is yet another Halloween throwback! Unfortunately this look didn't make the cut last year but it's still fun to have a little play around with old makeup that only gets to see the light once a year. The emphasis is definitely on the eyes with this one, the bolder the better! 

So this is how I did it...

I have a really shaky hand so drawing on the print wasn't the easiest thing in the world. I started with a grey eyeshadow and I used it to cover my entire eyelid. I also used it under the eye and on the side of the nose, at the tear ducts. I got my gold eyeshadow (which was out of an MUA palette) and I dotted randomly across my brow bone. I then used a gel eyeliner to go round these little gold dots to make them stand out. I didn't worry too much about it looking neat to be honest, they aren't supposed to be identical anyway! I then used the gel eyeliner to totally outline my eye and I also used to to create the 'flicks' on my eyebrows. I don't really want to go into too much detail! If you were in a rush on Halloween night, this look only really requires 3 products.. A bronzer, A black gel eye liner and gold eye shadow. there are no rules, be creative and design it exactly how you want to!

I never got round to doing my hair for this look but I would think that some MEGA backcombing would have to be done to compliment this look, would I be right?

Please send your Halloween looks this way, I love to seeing how creative you all are! Send me a tweet @thefashionsix

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Psycho Doll Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Halloween psycho doll makeup tutorial

Halloween psycho  doll makeup tutorial

Firstly I apologise for the really bad quality of these photographs, these are from last year when I had my iPhone 4S which didn't have the best camera in the world! Secondly, I can remember that I had sooo much FUN creating this 'Broken Doll / Psycho Doll' look! I love putting my own Halloween outfits together, it's much more fun that buying an outfit from a shop! Not only that, I created this look from makeup that I already had and I just wore an old black velvet dress so it didn't cost me a penny.

What I used:

White face paint
Black liquid eyeliner
A dark eyeshadow palette
White eyeliner pencil
Red lipstick
Black mascara
Dry shampoo

1) To start I used a makeup sponge to apply white face paint to the whole of my face and down my neck. I'm surprised I needed anything to make me look whiter as I'm already the colour of a ghost! haha. This creates a good base and makes everything else stand out

2) I then used a liquid black eyeliner to create the 'cracks' These are just like deformed triangles with a few rugged edges! there's no right or wrong way to do this, just draw them on wherever you want. Totally fill in the space with the black eye liner. Apply the eyeliner down the sides of the mouth and below your bottom lash line to create bigger looking, 'doll eyes'

3) I then got my eyeshadow palette and picked out a dark grey, I used my eyeshadow brush to apply this in and around the cracks to add depth. I also applied the grey eyeshadow up my cheekbones for an exaggerated look. I used a black eyeshadow to go round the cracks to give a 3D effect, this really makes them stand out!

4) There is a space between the lower lash line and the liquid eyeliner which I filled in with a white eyeliner pencil. This opens up your eyes to give the effect of doll eyes. The bigger you can get those eyes to look, the better!

5) You can't see from the photo but I created a simple ombre lip with a red lipstick and the white eyeliner pencil. I applied the red lipstick all over my lips and put a bit of the white pencil in the centre of my upper and lower lip, blended well this gives a great effect

6) I wanted my hair up to really show off the makeup so I backcombed it and tied it up with a silk black ribbon. I used Batiste dry shampoo to create the white marks on my hair. I held it really close to my hair, sprayed it and didn't brush it out. It made my hair so hard! At least it stayed in place all night...

And there you have it! All you need to re-create the Psycho Doll look this Halloween! What I love about this makeup look is that there are so many ways you can alter it, just check Pinterest for more ideas! What will you be dressing up as this Halloween?

The Fashion Six

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Hello Autumn Tag!

Hello Autumn Tag

1. Coffee - What's your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks or any other coffee shop?
I must be mega boring but I'm not actually a big fan of coffee?! Don't get me wrong I love the smell of it, I'm just not too keen on the taste. When I go into Starbucks or any other coffee shop with my friends I usually get a tea (haha)

2. Accessories - What do you opt for scarf, boots or gloves?

Every one of these! I love a cosy oversized scarf in Autumn/Winter. I have a great one that I got in Zara when I was on holiday in France last year. You could actually use it as a blanket it's that big. I'm also a lover of long leather boots, I have a few which I can change about during the cold winter months. I also love leather gloves, I got the most gorgeous red pair out of Accessorize last year <3

3. Music - What's your favourite music to listen to during autumn?
I'm not too fussy with my music! No matter what time of year it is I always just listen to chart music

4. Perfume - What's your favourite scent for this time of the year?
I want to say a nice heavy, warming scent. I love Paco Rabanne 'Lady Million'. It's one of those scents that everyone loves and I can smell it a mile off!

5. Candles - What scents will you be burning this season?
Is it too predictable to say cinnamon? I don't care I'll say cinnamon! It's not Autumn/Winter until you get to the Yankee Candle store and buy 'Home Sweet Home' It's really beautiful 

6. What do you love the most about autumn?
Ooh this is a hard one, I love a lot of things about autumn! Number one being the colours of the leaves on the trees, it's just so pretty. I also love conker picking, wearing cosy loungewear, going to the forest for long walks and of course dressing up at Halloween! I'm such a big child in that way...

7. Favourite make up look?
My makeup doesn't really change from season to season apart from my lipstick. I purchased MAC 'Rebel' a few weeks ago and it is just the perfect autumn berry shade. It was an impulse buy because I wasn't sure of it then I thought oh what the heck and bought it anyway (that's usually how my shopping trips go) It's definitely worth the hype!

8. What are you looking forward to the most in autumn?
Hmmm... I'm not really sure if I get time to look forward to anything anymore as I am currently in my final year at university and it is already sucking the life out of me, kinda like a dementor or (drastic) However, when I do get free time I love doing all the things that I mentioned in question 6. I especially love heading out for a walk in the cold with my cosy layers on 

After taking part in this tag all I want to do is go out for long walks, step on the crunchy leaves and carve pumpkins! If I can get my head out of a Business book for two seconds that is what i'll do! What are your favourite things about autumn?

 The Fashion Six
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Health: How to Cope with Anxiety - Part 1

How to cope with anxiety
Hi everyone! I have been wanting to do this for a while now so I'm just going to be brave, bite the bullet and talk about one of the most difficult things I have to deal with in life - Anxiety. Talking about it and writing my feelings down helps me a lot as it relieves the weight of my shoulders for a short while. Not only that though, I asked a few of you on Twitter of what you thought of the idea of writing a post like this and the feedback was 100% positive. If you can relate to to this and if it makes one person feel a little bit better and like they aren't the only person in the world dealing with this then I will be so happy! I am planning to break this topic up a LOT and talk about it through my blog posts whenever I feel fit. Anxiety is not a simple condition so therefore I think I should dedicate a lot time in talking to you about it thoroughly 

1. Introduction to Anxiety

It may be surprising to know that 1 in 4 people will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year and that anxiety is the most common mental disorders in Britain. This statistic baffles me as in my experience, most suffers are not that willing to talk about their anxious feelings openly for fear of people's reactions. As a result, for a while before I started blogging and talking to others about it, I literally felt like I was the only person on this planet that suffers with it! I know when I had my first experience of anxiety, I felt stupid for not being able to stand in a crowded school hall for assembly. I would make up excuses to not go to school or I would 'hide' in the toilets as to not put myself in that particular situation. People would ask me 'why can't you just stand there for 10 minutes?' or 'why are you always in the nurse's office?' The very thought of standing in a warm assembly hall, in lines, packed like sardines, scared the life.. out.. of.. me. To this day I still can't think of anything worse. I would break out in a cold sweat and start to shake. That 10 minutes felt like 10 hours. Anxiety is not stupid, it's a real mental condition that can completely ruin your life if you let it! Sufferers convince themselves that a relatively 'normal' event would literally turn out in the worst way possible. I would think in that 10 minute school assembly I'm going to faint, split my head, throw up in front of everyone, I'll stop breathing; those are the thoughts that circulated. That is the gist of anxiety and in particular, social anxiety.

So what causes Anxiety?

If you are naturally a worrier then by genetic makeup you are going to have more anxious thoughts that someone who is more care-free and easy going. Most of the time anxiety is triggered by a stressful moment, a trauma or another 'bad thing' that has happened in the course of life. What I find interesting is that sometimes the sufferer doesn't even remember the particular 'event' that caused the anxious feelings! I have a friend who for a while couldn't step foot through the door of a restaurant, the cause was unknown until she went to a counsellor and through talking to her, all became clear and even she was surprised at the cause! Some suffers however will never know the cause of anxiety, if there even is one! Sometimes it just happens for no reason at all.

What are the symptoms?

  • Increased heart rate
  • Shaking
  • Hyperventilation
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling sick
  • Sweats
  • Tight chest
  • Dry mouth
  • Choking sensations
  • Heart Palpitations 
This is when someone gets stuck in vicious anxious circle! If I find myself in a situation that triggers my anxiety I begin to have the majority of these symptoms. However, I automatically start to think that the tight chest is a heart attack, the sweats are the result of a fever and the hyperventilation is the result of something seriously wrong with my lungs. These negative thoughts only make me more and more anxious and there comes a point when I have to try and take control of my thoughts, divert my thinking elsewhere and take A LOT of deep breaths to try and calm myself down..

Here are some physiological symptoms of anxiety which can in some ways feel more scary than the actual physical symptoms...
  • The thought that your going mad - 'no one else is experiencing this' 
  • Thinking that you are going to die
  • the feeling that people are looking at you in a strange way and judging you in a negative way for your anxious behaviour
  • Feeling on edge, loss of concentration 
  • Feeling completely detached from the environment your in. Yes I stood in that dreaded assembly hall when I had to for 7 years of school but I could not tell you one word that was said or who I was even with.
  • Wanting to avoid situations that you think will trigger your anxious thoughts.
  • Wanting to escape from the situation - running away from it. - In my case, sometimes literally causing more of a scene than if I had of just persevered. 
Thank you for reading and I hope to have the next part in this sooner rather than later x 

The Fashion Six
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How to Add a Blog Comment Signature

how to add blog comment signature

I love reading other blogs and commenting under specific posts that I enjoy reading. I'm sure that the blogger loves to receive nice comments (I know I do) but wouldn't it be nice if you could possibly get something out of it too? I always leave a clickable link at the end of my comment so that people can visit my blog if they want to. It makes it easier to direct people to your blog and it could help drive web traffic. All the little things your learn in HTML add up and help contribute to increased blog views. This little piece of code will help other people interact with you in a more efficient way so don't forget to use it the next time you leave a comment!


You can of course leave you the very start of this line and just have from '<a href=...' I just like to have my name in there as I think it adds a more personal touch! 

This is what the blog comment signature looks like when pasted into the comment box before posting...

And this is what your comment looks like when it's published!

Always remember these two things...

1. There should be NO SPACES in the code
2. Click on the link to TEST IT the first time you use it

It literally is as easy as that!

The Fashion Six
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