BEAUTY | My Holiday Manicure

Nail Art Ideas

With autumn just round the corner I wanted to add one last splash of colour to my nails for my holidays! This time I have opted for gel polish so that I can be sure that it will not chip with me being in and out of the pool. The nail technician said that these will last for about 3 weeks so I am definitely getting my money's worth. This is the first time I have ever had BioSculpture gel and I am impressed with the texture and the shine of it. The colour is so much more vivid than normal nail varnish. This pink colour is called 'Fruity Tooty' and I decided to have a little palm tree drawn on for something that little bit different! 

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LIFE | What's In My Holiday Handbag?

So by the time you read this I will be in the beautiful Lake Garda in Italy (thank goodness for scheduled posts eh?) This post is all about what I take in my holiday handbag! I am without a doubt the world's worst at packing, I always think that i'll be 'sensible' and only take things that I need. By the end of it all I end up cramming EVERYTHING in but the kitchen sink. So. Help. Me.
I always take two handbags on holidays, one roomy one for travelling and an across-body bag to use while I'm there. My handbag of choice is nearly always my Louis Vuitton Speedy 25. It's the smallest of the Speedy's but it amazes me just how much (junk?) it can hold. From my travel money, to my gadgets, to magazines to keep me occupied on the plane. This little number holds it all!

1. Phone - Now even though I won't actually use the phone as a phone while I am on holiday (I learned my lesson with a £250 phone bill from NYC!) I will certainly use it to take photos and Instagramming. I have my fingers crossed there is free WIFI in the hotel...

2. IPod - I haven't updated the songs on this since 2K8 (cringe) but I have downloaded and put some Youtube videos on it to watch whilst I am on the plane. By videos I mean vlogs, tutorials, all that girlie stuff! I'm like a child that needs entertaining

3. Magazine - Because would I ever go somewhere WITHOUT Company magazine? Nopeeee!

4. Wipes/Hand Sanitiser - I am the biggest germ freak ever. If I haven't washed my hands inside the space of an hour I will have one of these two things out to 'freshen myself up a bit' I don't know why, but travelling always makes me feel kinda dirty? Maybe because of busy airports, buses and planes!

5. Lip Balm - Because flying at 30-something thousand feet (eek) makes my skin and lips so DRY! My ultimate favourite lip balm is Carmex, I just love the texture and smell of it. This will work wonders by keeping my lips moisturised.

6. Sunglasses - For getting off on the other side, because sure as heck I won't need them here!

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6 Ways To Maximise Suitcase Space!

I'm only getting round to writing this post now at the end of 'summer' but its only because I am heading away to Italy on the 27th of this month! My holidays are always a little late on in the year but I'm hoping that these little tips of mine will help you pack your suitcase in the most efficient way if you are heading away, or if you have already been, definitely remember these tips for next year! 

We have all had that panic moment when you have you have everyone plus the dog sitting on top of the case while you frantically try and force that zip shut. (This happened me in New York and it was NOT good, talk about stress.) Or are you one of those people who needs to take 7 different pairs of shoes to match your 7 different outfits for the week? You just MIGHT wear those hard as heck sandals on your last night eh? throw them in anyway! This holiday malarky is all fun and games until you actually try and pack for it, and with the added stress of size and weight restrictions we really need to think how we can maximise the space we have so we can take what we need (want) and have some space to spare for those holidays purchases! 

1. Roll, don't fold

I haven't actually tried this technique but I have heared from a few people if you roll your clothes instead of folding them you can save a whole lotta' space in your case! Not only that, it apparently stops your clothes from getting wrinkled too. I'd be willing to try anything that stops my clothes from looking like hey are being worn by someone who doesn't know what an iron is! Try it out, if you can squeeze in another pair of wedges by doing it then it'll all be worth it, right?

2. Take travel sized toiletries 

The last thing you want to do when you go away on holiday is take brand new, full sized bottles of everything! Recently I have started talking half bottles of shampoo and shower gel, these have just the right amount in them to do me for a week. If you go on holiday longer than that then don't forget that most hotels have mini shampoos and shower gels in the bathrooms and there will be a local shop where you can purchase more if you need it. You won't be stuck, the last thing you want to do is take too much. This is where the most of your suitcase weight comes from! However, a point to remember is that it isn't just weight you have to think about it, consider the SIZE of the bottles/cans you are taking. These new compressed deodorants are a great invention! They are half the size of a full can so it saves a lot of space. Not only that, now that they have been released a while, they are no longer expensive. I got my Vaseline one from Asda for £1!

3. Take clothes that you can mix n' match

I used to lay out my 7 different outfits on my bed, each with matching jewellery pieces, shoes and bags. Last year I saw some sense as I didn't wear the half of it! Take things on holiday that you can mix n' match. I now aim to take things that I can wear at least twice. What is the point in buying that gorgeous dress or jumpsuit if you are only going to wear it once? I have packed 2 jumpsuits and 3 dresses, that will be my evening wear for the week! I have a beautiful kaftan that I wear as a kaftan and as a top, simple tee's go with everything . Be creative!

4. Wear your bulky items going

No matter where I'm going on holidays I always like to take some sort of jacket. I guess I'm just too used to our UK weather and I always expect a bit of rain! Usually this is a denim jacket as they go so well over pretty summer dresses and maxis. I also always take a straw hat  which I end up carrying as it would take up too much space if I were to pack it. Also, I usually take about 3 pairs of sandals and one pair of wedges. As wedges are bulky I will wear them going. This frees up a lot of space in my suitcase for other things. 

5. loose the shoes (ouch!)

I might just be about to say something that is regarded as a fashion crime, but you do NOT need a pair of shoes for every outfit! Dig out your comfiest pair of sandals and take them, you do not need a different pair for every single outfit! (should I be hiding behind something right about now?) This year I am taking my 2 pairs of Lunar sandals (like walking on clouds!), a pair of flip flops for the pool/beach, a pair of TOMS and a my Tommy Hilfiger wedges to wear some evenings. Shoes are so bulky and it can be difficult to fit them into your suitcase efficiently. Some people put their shoes in their hand luggage which is a great idea if you are struggling to find the space in your main case! Another tip is to put your rolled up underwear or toiletries inside your shoes. I do this and it saves so much space. 

6. Make a list and stick to it

Ok i'll admit, I am so guilty of not sticking to my list! I always throw some things in last minute and I never ever use them. Make a practical list of what you need and stick to it! The less things you take, the less you need to worry about not having space for them holiday purchases, right? ;) there are so many holiday packing lists on the internet that you can look up and tick off as you pack. I will link a few of my favourites at the end of this post! Another tip is make sure you research what is included in your bedroom, do you need to take a hairdryer or that travel kettle? If your room already has things like this then you can leave them at home!

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BEAUTY | My Holiday Skincare Essentials

Holiday skincare essentials
Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed yesterday's post (holiday-friendly makeup & 4 tips) Today it's all about the skincare because let's face it, we all know how important it is to look after your skin, ESPECIALLY when you are on holiday. We are bombarded every single summer about the risks of not looking after your skin properly so I wouldn't head away without these products!

1. The Suncream

Garnier ambre solaire suncream review

Yes, my paleness means that I have to wear factor 30, I have given up trying to tan because it's not going to happen! My skin can be one of two shade: snow or lobster and speaking from experience, lobster is NOT fun! I like to fake the bake rather than to err.... bake? 
Suncreams can be so sticky in texture which make you feel all hot and bothered but as past few years I have been buying this particular one from Garnier. The spray and mist application makes it so much easier to put on, it's not as greasy on the skin and dries in very quickly. No matter which brand you use just make sure you buy the right factor for your skin, it's better to be safe than sorry!

2. The After Sun

Garnier Ambre Solaire Aloe Vera Aftersun review
I just the smell and feel of after-sun on my skin, I could buy it all year round and just use it as a daily moisturiser! I purchased a great one from QVC last year, it was from the award-winning Ultrasun collection and although pricey, I don't think I'll ever find another  moisturiser like it! I haven't tried the 'Ambre Solaire After Sun Gel with Aloe' from Garnier yet but I have high expectations, I hate how the sun makes my skin feel so tight, I will apply this every night when I am holiday to keep my skin cool and moisturised.

3. The Toner and Moisturiser

simple moisturiser toner moisturiser holiday essentials

I am a HUGE fan of Simple, I think I have bought each of their products about 56473829 times (especially the wipes, a good I spend so much money on these!) I have super sensitive skin so I like how they don't use any perfumes or colorants listed in any of their ingredients. The Simple toner gives my face a healthy glow and it makes my it feel so fresh and super clean. I don't wear a lot of makeup on holiday and I use this to take it off at night. For only £2.99 it's a winner and i'l definitely be packing it in my holiday suitcase.

The key with this moisturiser from Simple is that it's LIGHT. Yes that's right, no sticky skin on holiday! I can apply the 'Simple Kin To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser' to my face and literally put my makeup on 2 minutes later. The sun would make my forehead feel particularly tight, this just relieves that horrid feeling straight away. At only £3.99 at Boots it is a definite re-purchase and what makes it even better, they have their 3 for 2 offer on!

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BEAUTY | Holiday Friendly Makeup: My 4 Makeup Must-Haves

Hey everyone! This is the first part of my holiday prep series and today I'm going to talk about the makeup that I take with me when I go on holiday. The type of makeup up that I pack varies depending on where I'm going. A hot climate demands the best primer, foundation and setting powder on the planet! Whereas if I am just going across the water to London for the weekend, my makeup regime hardly changes. When I go on holiday, I tend to use a lot less makeup as I don't like my skin feeling heavy and greasy. Not only that, how am I supposed to get any sort of tan if my face is caked? Holiday time is the best time to let your skin breathe!


bareminerals Prime Time Primer review

Now I'm no expert but I'm guessing the wax dummy look is kind of not in fashion. No one wants to look like they have escaped from Madame Tussauds! This is where the bareMinerals Prime Time primer comes in. If I am being totally honest I don't wear primer everyday simply because I don't feel like I need it. At the moment I only work part time so I have makeup on for about 5 hours each day, that isn't enough time for my skin to get mega oily! It's a different story on holidays though, the humidity literally makes makeup melt off my face! Primers create a barrier between the makeup and skin so it also help prevent clogged pores. The less chance of breakouts on holidays the better! I have only ever tried two primers in my life, this one and a Boots No7 one (which I didn't like) I love it when you find a product that you are 100% happy with and I will re-purchase this one over and over again. Whatever primer you use just make sure you take it with you on holidays, you'll need it! See a more detailed review of Prime Time by clicking here.


bareMinerals READY foundation review

Although difficult and time consuming to achieve, I am a fan of the 'flawless and airbrushed' look. The only way I can achieve this is by using a liquid foundation like Revlon Colorstay that completely smoothes out my skin and imperfections. I must admit, when I was younger this was a confidence thing for me. The older I get, the less I care what people think and my makeup regime has almost changed completely. Instead of wearing heavy liquid makeup all day everyday, I now just wear it on special occasions or on night's out! My new found love is the bareMinerals READY foundation. I especially love a foundation like for holidays as the powder prevents your skin from getting too oily and it lasts longer than liquid. Especially when it's teamed with a quality primer and matt powder. Not only that, when i am on holiday I have better and more important things to be doing other than applying my makeup! it takes minutes to apply this and I love the 'natural' look of it on my face.


bareMinerals All-Over Face Colour Warmth Review

It is without a doubt that I resemble a milk bottle and I just stand out like a big British sore thumb on holiday in amongst everyone else's tan skin! The bareMinerals Warmth is a 'one size fits all' bronzer so it suits ANY skin tone. (hurrah! so you definitely will not pick up 'the wrong colour') I have had some bad experiences with bronzers in that they were too orange and just looked false on my skin. Instead of covering up your face, Mineral Warmth enriches your skin tone and gives you a healthy summer glow! You would not believe the tiny amount that you need, the tub I have at the moment is bound to last me for ages! On holiday I will apply a small amount of this all over my face and on my collarbones to give my skin a bit more colour. Surely it's better to fake the bake rather than to errr.. bake, right? See an extended review of the warmth by clicking here.


Laura Geller Blush n' Brighten highlighter review

Firstly, my camera has taken a veryyy good photo of this Laura Geller beauty, you can see the different tones in it perfectly. The Blush n' Brighten combo is perfect to take away on holiday as it is a blusher and a highlighter in one! I am not a fan of a really pink blush, I would much rather have an apricot shade as I think it is much more natural looking. I like this blush as it has a number of tones within it, so it isn't overpowering. I swipe this up my cheekbones, down the centre of my nose, on my forehead, my chin and on my collar bones. It gives me an instant holiday glow without looking too shimmery. 

And there you have it! My 4 holiday essentials to perfect glowing skin. Do you alter your makeup routine when you go on holiday? Leave you tips in the comment section! Tomorrow's holiday prep post is all about skincare, i'll be talking about lotions, suncreams and moisturisers! Make sure you follow on Bloglovin' so you don't miss it.

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LIFE | 22 on the 22nd August!

Cue obvious Taylor Swift sing song "I'm feeling 22, ooh, ooooohh....." 

Anyways, today on the 22nd of August I turn 22 and to be honest I am feeling pretty good about it! For a while there I was stuck being a negative Annie saying things like 'it's all downhill from here', 'too old for this, too old for that' but when I sit back and think about it (which I never do) I still have all the good things in life to come. In a month I go into my final year at university (and may I just add, the past 3 years have FLEW in) It'll be hard work for a year until I graduate and who knows what will happen after that. Needless to say I am feeling pretty positive about the future and can't wait to see what's to come. Yay for positivity! 

I had the best BIG 21st birthday last year, a group of us went paint balling and I was just like a kid in play park. Definitely a kids game for adults! Apart from being left with a black finger and 3 bruises on my leg I had a great day! After that I had a night out with my friends followed by a family night out with relatives I only see once in a blue moon. Great food and great company followed by a great Louis Vuitton handbag-shaped cake, a real Louis Vuitton handbag, 21 presents from my bestie and then jetting off to the south of France for a weeks' holiday, bliss.
This is what memories are made of eh? This year will be more relaxed than last year, a full weekend of celebrations is not on the cards but more a friendly get together, a meal and some cocktails. I'm definitely looking forward to it, it's the simple things.

My bestie arranged my 21st party and I arranged hers 5 months later. It's just more fun surprising someone else! We both got each other 21 presents and arranged a day out to remember. Of course I was in my element as I LOVE arranging and organising things, I've already told my bestie that i'll be one Maid of Honour that'll be hard to work with! ;) So as past few days on the lead up to my 22nd I've been doing some reminiscing. I have a few ideas of party ideas if you are arranging someone else's birthday (or your own!) to make the day a little bit different and one that you'll remember for a very long time!

1. You don't always need to go out to have a great birthday! If you are tired of doing the same thing or if you are on a budget then you can have a few friends over to the house, order some pizzas and make your own cocktails or mocktails. Ask a mobile nail technician to come to the house to do all the girl's nails and have a movie night!

2. Have a unique THEME! We all remember saying 'I wanna be a ...... when I grow up!' Throw a party where your friends have to dress up and come as their 'I wanna be a ...' memory! You'll probably have some laughs at each other's chosen outfits and realising how different you all are now!

Other Themes!
- Black tie party
- Superheros
- 90s theme (or the era in which you were born)
- Meme party
- Around the world
- 'I should be somewhere else'
- Ugly sweaters
- Pool party

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3

3. Did someone say road trip? Get a car load of friends together + a tent, just drive and see where you end up! My bestie would laugh if she read this because I am the last person who would want to go camping out of our group of friends. In saying that I'd love a night at the beach with my hoody on, sitting around a campfire with a BBQ and good company. Actually it doesn't even need to be someones birthday to have a weekend like this, just do it!


4. If you like heading away you could plan a holiday, there are some great deals to be found in newspapers and on the internet. Try looking on  to find some good offers and to compare prices. You can spread the cost depending on how many people are going. You can choose to head away to the sun, go on a cruise or head to a city for a weekend of sightseeing. There are are any amount of things you could do! If funds aren't the greatest then get on the train and head to your nearest capital. be spontaneous. Check out this selection of the world's best travel apps to give you a helping hand. There's a few i'll be checking out for sure!

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