Health Hacks for Summer!

It's that time of year again and we are all thinking about our summer holidays! I have been going to Nice, France for 4 years on the trot so I decided to try somewhere different this year. It's so easy to get stuck in a rut and go to the same place just because it feels 'safe' and 'comfortable'. In August I am going to Lake Garda in Italy! It cannot come quick enough and I have been going mad reading up online for things to do while I'm there. There was one thing that didn't cross my mind though, round the lake is supposed to be crawling with mosquitoes! I just took for granted that there wouldn't be any as I never one got bitten in Nice. This got me thinking and I have decided that I need to be more prepared for when I go away, especially to a foreign country. I have searched the net and here's 3 tips to make sure you have the best holiday with no dramas!

1. Avoid getting ate alive by pesky mosquitoes!
I am heading away the very last week in August and last week I started taking vitamin B1 tablets to help repel mosquitoes. Once the vitamin gets built up in your system, your skin gives off a 'smell' that keeps mosquitoes at bay. I have done a bit of research online and of course like everything else, it works for some people and not for others. I am a mosquito's best friend on holidays so I am willing to try anything! Vitamin B1 was recommended to me by a pharmacist so if you are heading away in the next month or two this is worth looking into!

Citronella repels mosquitoes so if you are sitting out on the balcony at night burn a citron candle, turn off the lights in your room and make sure you close over the balcony door so the mosquitoes don't find their way into your room.

Of course there are the many types of roll on and sprays to prevent mosquito bites. As I said before, not everything works for everyone so it is recommended that you take with you a mix of products for all members of the family. Wait until Boots has an offer on and stock up. They will usually have vouchers or 3 for 2 offers on repellant at this time of the year!

2. Cool your sunburn
We should all be using a suncream that's suitable for our skin type but if you do get sunburnt on holidays then you should apply an aloe vera gel. You will feel a cooling sensation on your skin and it should reduce redness (and stinginess) within a few uses! I have accepted the fact that I have pale skin and I no longer sit in the sun without any suncream. It's a waste of time as I don't tan anyway! I have to use factor 30 but I don't mind, I just use the stuff out of the bottle!

If you have went away without your aloe vera gel and you happen to get badly sunburnt then get your butt down to the Eurospar and buy cucumber. Grate it and apply it to the sunburnt area. It will cool it and aid healing. You could also soak cold milk on a flannel and lay it onto your skin. Although i'm not entirely sure about this one, You won't smell very nice afterwards!

3. Take the sting out of nettles
We all know this, a dock leaf is one of the best remedies for a nettle sting. The good thing is that these leaves are usually found near nettles so you can rub it on straight away! When you get back to the hotel room put aloe vera gel on the sore area.

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Bronzed Summer Skin from Bourjois!


Summer is well and truly here! (it's about time) and a bbloggers Twitter chat has inspired this post. It was all about our favourite beauty products to use in the Spring and Summertime! There's one thing I like when the good weather decides to make an appearance and it's bronzed skin. To be honest I don't wear much fake tan, I'm not too keen on the smell so I only wear it on special occasions. However, there's not a day goes by when I don't wear a bit of bronzer on my face!

For years I wore Rimmel Sunshimmer bronzer (didn't everyone?) which I liked but then I heard of the little chocolate scented box bronzer made by Bourjois and I just had to give it a try. This is one of those products that everyone raved about at some point, it's the Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder. (£6.99 from Boots)

There's one thing that annoys me to no end when I buy a bronzer or any sort of pressed powder. After I use it a while, the surface of the powder sort of becomes shiny and hard to get on the brush! I'm sure this has happened to some of you before. This results in me throwing out a nearly new product and I have to buy another one! As you can see I didn't have this problem with this Bourjois bronzer, I was able to use it all. So I am glad to say that is lasts for ages!

Secondly, it doesn't give me the 'orangey look!' We have all been there, sigh... My two favourite bronzers that actually enhance your natural skin tone and not just cover it over with an orange hue is this one and the bareMinerals Mineral Warmth which is more expensive if you prefer higher end makeup. 

I am beyond clumsy and I nearly always drop and break my pressed powder before I get halfway through it! I even dropped my Revlon Colorstay glass foundation bottle on a hard tiled floor not so long ago, you could imagine the mess! The little box that this bronzer comes in sort of pads it out and it's not as easy to completely smash it one day after you buy it!

Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer
I am nowhere near this colour au natural but at the same time I think it's wearable and not over-the-top
After using and reviewing the Bourjois bronzing powder I will definitely buy it again. I love finding products that I like to re-purchase. Now I only have to wait until Boots has their 3 for 2 offer again! ;)

Much love,
Emma x 

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OOTD: Floral Crop Top & Coral Blazer

Floral crop top: New Look
Blazer: Next
Necklace: Primark
Skinny Jeans: River Island
Shoes: Ruby Shoo

This is one of my all time favourite ootd's, I just LOVE coral! New Look has some awesome pieces at the minute. Their stores are just full of lovely bright colours and it's fairly inexpensive. The student discount works a treat!

Much Love,
Emma xo

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Blog Post Ideas: Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

If you are like me, creativity can be somewhat lacking at times! I find it especially difficult to come up with unique posts if I have a lot on a particular week and I try to 'squeeze' time in to write posts. I have learned that if you are not inspired to write, then don't! No one is going to criticise you and your baby blog will still be here when you are ready to get back into it. The only effect of this is you might see a slow in readership but your supposed to blog because you love and enjoy it right? Not just to gain views, am I right? 

If you have taken a break and are trying to get back into blogging or if you have simply just ran out of post ideas then don't fear, here's my little list saved on my notes section on my Mac to save me in my time of need! I hope you find some of these helpful

Before I start, it would be great if you could also leave a little comment telling me which type of posts you most enjoy reading. I am eager to know!


  • Makeup buys of the week
  • Favourite buys this month
  • Product review
  • Top 5 skincare products
  • Best beauty budget buys
  • 5 inspiring hairstyle ideas
  • 5 quick hairstyle ideas
  • My lust list
  • What's on my holiday beauty shelf?
  • What's n my makeup bag?
  • What's in my makeup holiday bag?
  • Dupes
  • Manicure of the week
  • Makeup look tutorial 
  • Nail-art tutorial
  • DIY face mask or lipscrub tutorial 
  • Best products for spot-prone skin
  • Recreate a celebrity look you have seen in a magazine
  • How to create the perfect brow
  • Empties
  • Spring/Summer hair and makeup
  • Top 3 fake tans with reviews
  • Outfit of the day
  • Clothing alteration/customisation
  • Favourite buys this month
  • Hauls
  • Recreate a celebrity or designer look from the highstreet 
  • How to style a plain tee/blazer/skinny jeans
  • Make your own jewellery and post a tutorial
  • Catwalk trend reviews
  • Style for less
  • Summer styling
  • How to be a savvy-shopper
  • Wishlist
  • Holiday buys
  • If you go out for the day simply take photos and document everything you did! Use your blog as your online diary
  • Review of a particular place - like a theme park
  • How to make your own nutritious smoothies 
  • Interests/Hobbies
  • To go to college or not to go to college?
  • Interview someone
  • Pros and cons of university
  • Effective CV Writing
  • Giving the best first impression at interviews - getting THAT job
  • Do you have any life experiences you would like to share?
  • Can you help others? Do you have knowledge on a particular topic? i.e Anxiety/depression
  • How to run a great (beauty/fashion/lifestyle) blog
  • How to contact PR companies
  • Are you good with HTML? Post some blog design tutorials
  • How to take perfect blog photos
  • Balancing life and work
  • Tips on how to use social media effectively 
And with that my mind has gone totally blank! I'm sure that list will keep you and I going for a while. Here I go back to blogging...

Much Love,
Emma x

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Lizzie's Spring Make-Up Look Featuring MAC, SLEEK & RT!

Hi guys! I'm Lizzie from 'What Lizzie Thinks' and I'm doing a guest post for Emma, which I am really grateful for. I decided to show you all my 'Spring Make-Up Look' and give you a mini-tutorial on how to achieve it - it's my first 'tutorial' ever so I really hope it's okay and you all like it! If any of you do happen to take inspiration from it or try it out yourselves, make sure you tweet me a picture or tag me on Instagram, all my links will be at the end! Anyway, let's get started!

These are all of the products/brushes I use - it looks like a lot when you put it all out and take a picture but compared to some looks, I don't think this is that much! They're all high-street products apart from the MAC lipstick which was a present; I'm a poor student who can't afford high-end products, I'm afraid!

After my normal cleansing routine, I prime my face using Rimmel's 'Stay Matte' primer which I think is going to be my holy grail this season because my skin tends to get quite oily and shiny and this is so good for preventing that! I did a full review of it over on my blog too. I then apply Collection's 'Lasting Perfection' concealer in shade 1/fair under my eyes and on any blemishes/redness and blend it in using a Real Techniques 'Expert Face Brush'. I really love this concealer, as does everyone in the blogging/YouTube world! Next up is Maybelline's 'Dream Fresh' BB Cream in the light shade which I just apply using my fingers, I don't know why but it just seems to blend much easier and gives a nicer finish on my skin as opposed to using a brush! Lastly, I add a touch of Rimmel's 'Stay Matte' powder which isn't always necessary but during the warmer months I add a bit to my T-Zone using a Real Techniques 'Powder Brush'.
Next, I move on to the eyes. If I was feeling lazy or not really doing anything special during the day, I wouldn't bother with my eyebrows because they look fine not filled in but for the purpose of this, I've done it properly! I comb through my eyebrows with a spoolie brush and then fill them in with an angled brush using the MUA 'Matte' eye palette in the 'Penny' shade - I don't add any extra shape or anything, I literally just fill in the natural shape for a bit of extra definition. For the actual eyes, I use Rimmel's 'Exaggerate Undercover' eye primer and blend with my fingers before using the 'Gift Basket' shade from Sleek's 'Oh So Special' palette with the rounded brush from this set. I really like this palette, it's so pigmented and has a good mixture of light and dark, shimmery and matte shades. I then blend it all over my lid a bit more with the Real Techniques 'Deluxe Crease Brush' and voila! Sometimes, I use a bronzer as a base first too. Finally, I use Maybelline's 'The Falsies' mascara in black which is just a really brilliant mascara and makes me look wide awake, even if I'm not feeling it!
For the finishing touches, I apply the Bourjois 'Delice de Poudre' bronzer in shade 51/medium to my temple, jawline and nose to add a bit of a glow - I haven't mastered the art of contouring yet! Then I use the 'Icing Sugar' blush from Sleek's 'Pink Lemonade' blush trio palette which is such a gorgeous palette. I've actually not had this long but I know it's going to be a staple over the spring and summer! Finally, I add my MAC lipstick in 'Impassioned' which is a lovely, bright pink and is one of my favourite lipsticks! If I wanted a bit of a toned down lip, I'd probably use the Revlon lip butter in 'Sweet Tart'. 
Ta-da! There is the finished look! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and hopefully it's given you some inspiration for your make-up look during the spring/summer - I will definitely be wearing this look a lot as the weather hots up! As I said, if you re-create this look or add some variation to it, I'd love to see a picture so tweet me or tag me on Instagram! Also, leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought! Finally, thank you so much to Emma for letting me do this post, I had so much fun doing it and I hope you're as happy as I am with the result! 

If you enjoyed this and want to give my blog a read, I'm over at so come and say hi - I don't bite! If you want to follow my blog, I also have Bloglovin':
You can also follow my ramblings on Twitter: @lizzieibbo and see pictures of food, and make-up I really didn't need to buy, on Instagram: @lizzieibbo 

Thanks for reading!

Fashion: Fluro Ruby Shoo!

After many months of being unemployed I finally got a job! the only thing is I hope I don't end up even more broke than how I started. Yes ladies, I got a job in a shoe shop and all you fashionistas will appreciate that's like dangling a bone in front of a dog! I LOVED the shop before I worked in it and I love it even more now that I get employee's discount. Hang on 'til I shake the spider webs from my purse.. In my short employment ( 1 month) I have already added 3 more pairs of shoes to my ever expanding collection. Tommy Hilfiger wedges, white converse ( a necessity, right?) and now these BEAUTIES! This is not going to end well is it, wardrobe expansion please.

These absolutely gorgeous heels are by the brand 'Ruby Shoo' - you probably have never heard of them before, I hadn't until I got this job. I have basically been lusting over their whole collection for the past month! These are called the 'Miley' shoe and they are a bright fluorescent coral colour with navy piping around the edges. the photo doesn't do them justice, when I have them on it looks like my feet are glowing!

I've been blessed with the narrowest feet on this planet so trying to find a size 6 pair of heels that are about the width of a size 4 is downright impossible! I usually have to wear at LEAST one pair of insoles and a heel grip in high heels otherwise I just walk out of them. When I put these on they just fitted perfectly, no scrunched up toes or walking like a penguin trying to keep them on. Hurray! So I highly recommend them to you ladies who are like me, have narrower than narrow feet and are looking for a cute and unique pair of heels. I would also say that these are pretty much true to fit and the heel isn't overly high. I'm not the best at walking in sky high heels!

These are some other Ruby Shoos that are on my wishlist at the moment. How cute are the matching bags? Sigh, if only I had a wedding or 10 to go to! The majority of the shoes are only £45/£50. I maybe shouldn't have told you that, not that you need another excuse to buy yet another pair of shoes ;)

Much Love,
Emma xo

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Product Review: bareMinerals Warmth


I have big loves for bareMinerals at the mo as they use all natural ingredients in their products. I adore my MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation too but it has such a strong smell of it. Hours after I apply it I can still smell it on my face..It makes me wonder what's actually in it. That's the thing with bareMinerals, it looks and feels like I'm not wearing any makeup and my skin looks clearer as a result of using it due to it being free of preservatives  emulsifiers and fragrances. 

Secondly, I am without a doubt among the world's worst shade pickers. I am sometimes a bit optimistic when I'm shopping for new beauty products and I 'accidentally' purchase shades too dark for my skin. Mineral Warmth is a 'one size fits all' bronzer so it suits ANY skin tone. I have had some bad experiences with bronzers in that they were too orange and just looked false on my skin. Instead of covering up your face, mineral Warmth enriches your skin tone and gives you a healthy summer glow! You would not believe the tiny amount that you need, the tub I have at the moment is bound to last me for ages! Here's a photo of me wearing it, believe me there's a big difference, without makeup I am as white as a sheet!

After completing a bit of research I have just discovered that there are other uses for Warmth as well as using it for a bronzer. On the official bareMinerals website it says that you can mix it with lip balm for a neutral lip shade or use it as an eyeshadow. I'm not sure of the sound of brown-ish lips but I'm all for the eyeshadow idea! Also, because it's not shimmery I'm sure I can use it to fill in my brows too. This sounds like a 3 in 1 buy!

the only downside to this product (as well as the bareMinerals mineral foundation) is that it is so messy! Any bareMinerals users will know that the powder goes absolutely everywhere during the 'swirl, tap buff' technique. I have a bad habit of doing my makeup in my room so by the time I have applied all my makeup, my dresser is a lovely shade of.. erm.. brown. I must start taking it into the bathroom to use. I.e hold it over the sink and apply it there. 


there you have it, quick and to the point! Are there any other bareMinerals lovers out there? What do you think of the mineral Warmth?

See it on their website here

Much Love,
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Shopping Guide - How To Shop Wisely!

Closet full of clothes and STILL have nothing to wear?

I think nearly every girl will agree with me when I say that a simple run to town for something can turn into a full blown shopping spree. Especially if it's around sale time and you see a few offers in shop windows! Your like a magnet and you just walk straight to that store. it just comes naturally, sigh. I'm a student too and therefore broke so these shopping 'highs' soon turn into lows when I total up my receipts.. *sadface*
To help tame my spending habits and to leave my pocket a little less empty I have devised a number of things that helps me to shop wisely and only buy what I need, when I need it!

Here we go... 6 points to remember the next time you hit the shops!

1. Having my credit card on me at all times is a big NO NO. When I have to pop into town for something I try to take only the right amount of cash. This avoids me straying into New Look and buying that top that I really didn't need!

2. Compare, compare, compare! One of the most annoying things is buying a mascara in Boots and then going into Superdrug to find it's on offer. This happens to the best of us ladies! The key is to check the cheapest places first. Think Semi-Chem, Gordons Chemist, Savers, Tescos before trying Boots! I purchase Simple wipes weekly and they are different prices everywhere. I usually try the supermarkets first, they have great offers on that kind of thing!

3. Now this is one that may just put you off shopping for life. Especially if you have an, ahem... AWFUL part time job. Everytime you see something you like, think to yourself 'how many hours work would it take to repay this?' The answer in my head usually amounts to a full days work and I swiftly return the product to where I found it! Are those skinny jeans really worth 8 hours work? If not, put them back. If you think they are and you need a new pair of skinnies then buy them!

4. Choose your shopping friends wisely, if you go shopping with a shopaholic you will also become a shopaholic and return home with about 436452 bags - enough to recreate your entire wardrobe. I must at this point apologise to my bestie, I am that shopaholic friend and she actually hates going up town with me when I'm 'in that mood' - sigh. If you have to pick up a few things from the shops for a holiday for example, go on your own. That way you aren't influenced in your shopping decisions AND you get the job done quicker. I love shopping with friends as it's like a sociable thing for me but when I just need to get a thing done I am just as happy going on my own!

5. Sale time is a MARE. I swear to goodness I come home from the River Island winter sale every year with about 10 new pairs of jeans and I have no idea why. the key to not falling into this trap is to think during non-sale time which products your heading for when they are marked as sale. only buy these products, nothing more! Also think to yourself 'would I still like this coat if it wasn't half price?' If it's not appealing at £60 then it's not appealing at £30!

6. Here's one to help you not give your mother a headache. If she sends you to the shop for milk and bread with a £20 note, only get her milk and bread. Not milk and bread with cheese, cookies, rice, pasta sauces, cookies, pasta shells and cookies. restrain yourself people!

Much Love,
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